Branca Taekwondo

We're kickin' it at Branca Taekwondo... Why aren't you?

Beginners only Class

This class is for the young beginner. Basic Techniques are taught in a safe and fun environment. Children will develop their Focus, attention, self control, confidence, balance, gross motor skills, flexibility, strength, while learning to protect themselves. Skills practiced in this class include blocking, striking, kicking, punching, footwork, Stances, and Taekwondo ettiquette. There is strictly no contact in this class.

Grading Syllabus Classes

Students Learn skills for belt promotion on the road to Black Belt. Classes consist of Warm up games and drills, Stretching and Mobilisation, Bag work, paddle work, and Techniques which progressively increase in difficulty as the student advances through the ranks. Short term and long term goal setting is practiced. Skills include Footwork, Stances, Blocking, Punching, Kicking, Patterns, Sparring (no contact)  Self defence techniques, and Boardbreaking.

Contact Sparring and Competition training class

Sparring class is suitable for students developing an interest in sparring and competition as well as the seasoned player who needs to maintain and improve his/her standard. Students are required to have full protective gear in these classes. Students who are new to the competition training are eased into body contact, and taught progressive drills. Actually competing in a competition is not compulsory, however there are opportunities for those that show committment, dedicationa and a high level of skill, to compete at state, national or potentially international competition.

Just For Fun & Fitness - Adults Class

Action packed and designed keep you motivated and moving. There will be no focus on grading in these classes. No uniform needed.  This class will cater to all fitness and skill levels and is focused on developing the fitness components of Muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and agility, through use of the basic Taekwondo skills and drills.This class will consist of bag work,basic taekwondo kicking punching and blocking and footwork drills as well as core, abdominal and resistance excersizes.